Seacock Maintenance

Seacock Maintenance

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With proper maintenance, your solid bronze Spartan Seacock will provide years of service. Choose the product you need from the drop-down menu.

Complete Seacock Maintenance Kit

Includes Spartan Seacock Wrench , Lapping Compound, Seacock Grease, mixing sticks and brushes  along with maintenance instructions.

Seacock Wrench

316 Stainless Steel wrench fits sizes 3/4" through 1 1/2" seacocks.

Seacock Grease

Specially formulated grease specified in the manufacturing of our Spartan Seacocks. Used to maintain seacocks in good working order. Packed in non-corrosive 6 oz. container.

Seacock Lapping Compound

Liquid sandpaper that provides a method for improving seacock bearing surfaces. This specifically designed compound is used to improve small weeping problems when cleaning and greasing does not work.

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