Standard Seacocks

Standard Seacocks

from 314.00

Solid bronze construction with proper UL listing. Attention has been given to the installation of the seacock. Each valve is designed with a caulking groove on the base to improve watertightness (see detail photo of undersides). The mounting holes are enclosed slots to fully support a washer and the head of the mounting fasteners.

A turning key has a cast bronze handle attached to it with a stainless steel fastener. Our shut-off stop (see detail photo) ensures the user that the valve is in the closed position when required.

The hose adapter is grooved for positive hose clamping. The base has a female straight pipe thread so a Spartan thru-hull can be properly installed. Two drain fasteners are located to either side of the seacock housing and can be used to drain the valve during lay-up. The full-opening plug type seacock is easily dismantled for annual maintenance.

All Spartan seacocks are fitted, assembled and pressure tested by hand to ensure proper operation and quality control. Please note that the tapered plug and barrel assembly are a matched pair. Both parts CANNOT be interchanged with another seacock assembly. We do not sell the body or the plug separately.

3/4" Standard Seacock = Pipe size 3/4"
1" Standard Seacock = Pipe size 1"
1 1/4" Standard Seacock = Pipe size 1 1/4"
1 1/2" Standard Seacock = Pipe size 1 1/2"
1 5/8" Standard Seacock = Pipe size 1 1/2"


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